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Mattel Talkers Repaired Here!

Is your favorite vintage Mattel talking doll mute?  Fear not! We can help your baby speak again! From darling Drowsy to marvelous Mrs. Beasly, we can restore the voice to any soft pull-string talker and have her chatting away in no time!

The doll must have an existing voice box.  If for any reason the voice box is not repairable (if, for example, the record is scratched and unusable), the doll will be returned and you will not be charged for the repair amount amount.

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This is a wonderful opportunity for you Mattel talking doll collectors out there to have your precious babies working as wonderful as they did when you had them as a child!  How lovely it will be to hear your Drowsy giggle again... or to hear Bozo do his famous "Whoa, Nelly"!  Beany and Cecil, Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, Herman Munster, Patter Pals, Porky Pig, Mr. Ed, Tom & Jerry, Baby Colleen... all of your favorite childhood favorites can live once more with a little bit of help from us!